Join the Earthly Dynamics Team

EDC is always on the lookout for exceptional Mechanical, Aerospace, and Electrical Engineers and Computer Scientists to join us in the research and development of novel aerospace systems. As a small company, we value candidates with drive, flexibility and multi-disciplinary skills.

Required Qualifications:
BS/MS or BS + relevant experience in ME, AE, EE, CE, CS, or equivalent

Select Desired Skills:

  • Design and fabrication
    – Design for manufacture with experience in GDT
    – SolidWorks or equivalent CAD design tool experience
    – Manufacturing and assembly experience with laser cutters, 3D printers (SLS, MJF, FDM), 2D/3D CNC machines
    – Analytic element analysis
  • Electronics
    – PCB design for manufacture using Eagle or equivalent PCB CAD software
    – Embedded C firmware
    – FreeRTOS of equivalent RTOS experience
  • Bench testing/flight testing of hardware
  • Data analysis
Majors of interest: ME, AE, EE, CS
GPA of >3.5

Majors of interest: ME, AE, EE, CS
GPA of >3.5

Internship Program

  • Lead a technical project, with challenges with support from our experienced engineers.
  • Learn real-world skills and contribute to our work

Application Form

Max. file size: 25 MB.