Taero – Earthly Dynamics’ Multibody Simulation Tool

Earthly Dynamics provides advanced system design and analysis support by leveraging proprietary multibody dynamic simulation tools. Multibody dynamic simulation is used to perform initial structural analysis, range of motion studies, and development of estimators and controllers in a virtual environment. Recent additional capabilities added to Earthly Dynamics’ tools have enabled detailed, robust digital twins to be rapidly built of complex aerospace and robotics systems.

Taero uses a core rigid multibody dynamics engine. Unlike certain approaches for multibody dynamics simulations, Taero does not eliminate equal-and-opposite inter-body loads. Instead, these forces and moments are calculated as an integral part of the dynamics solver. These forces and moments are critical to mechanical design, providing inputs for FEA analysis of hardware components. Built-in modeling features also include ropes, winches, and pulleys, which can be used to connect bodies.

Recently, significant additions in capability were made. Taero can now accurately model interbody contact, suction cups, electromagnets, electric gearmotors, and electromechanical brakes. To support digital twin development, synthetic GPS, barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, AHRS, absolute and incremental encoders, and contact sensors are available for use.

To demonstrate the capabilities of Taero, EDC developed a dynamic model of a 7-DoF robotic arm. Each joint uses a gearmotor model and encoder. All data is passed through a defined interface written in C, enabling end-to-end software-in-the-loop testing of the controller for this arm.