Earthly Dynamics’ Hot Wire Cutter

Frequently in airdrop applications, there arises a need to swiftly sever lines or rigging as commanded. Conventionally, pyrotechnically driven cut knives have been employed for this purpose. However, EDC has developed an improved alternative: the hot wire cutter. This innovative tool offers a simple, quiet, cost-effective, and lightweight solution. The hot wire cutter is a small, battery powered device that has the capability of quickly cutting through a wide variety of synthetic ropes. It is effective against nylon, polyester, Spectra, Dyneema, Vectran, and even the robust Kevlar fibers. The hot wire cutter can be greatly beneficial in de-rigging payloads from airdrop platforms, detaching main parachutes from landed payloads, and de-reefing parachutes. To learn more about the design and development of the hot wire cutter, as well as experimental testing and results of the system, read the published paper below!

Hot Wire Cutter Development for Cargo Airdrop Applications