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Dropmate is a compact, persistent jump tracking device for your parachute or harness. Its onboard sensors and algorithms have been carefully designed to track the total number of jumps as well as the date, time, duration, and start and ending altitude of each jump.

Once you land, the data is updated and can be read using our Android app. Dropmate is always on and ready to detect a flight. Its ultra-low power design ensures that its batteries never need to be charged or replaced, and it can live its entire life of over 14 years in your gear. Unlike a digital altimeter which may also be capable of counting your jumps, Dropmate is always on, always charged, is much smaller and lighter, and is designed specifically to track the use of your gear.



Remote Reading

Privately and securely view and export canopy data from Dropmate using our app, Dropmate for Android™ and iOS


If altitude, date, and time stamps are confidential information, they can be turned off in our app


Track the deployment and landing barometric altitude of each jump

Flight Counter

Keep track of the number of jumps on your canopy

Date & Timestamps

Record the date and time of each jump


Download the Dropmate App

in the App Store and Google Play Store

Dropmate is a finalist in the US Army xTechSearch 6 competition

Dropmate FAQs

Dropmate can be installed in a zippered pocket in your jumpsuit or container. It can also be installed in a small pouch sewn onto your rig. Talk with your local rigger about safe places to put it.
Dropmate monitors acceleration and barometric pressure and our flight detection algorithm automatically recognizes and categorizes each jump.
Dropmate is always on and monitoring for jumps. You do not need to do anything, it is ready out of the box!
Dropmate is designed to have an extremely long battery life and the battery is not user serviceable. If you are having issues with your Dropmate and think the battery may be the issue, please contact us.